p r o d u c t i o n   L T D.


A performance company created to provide greater opportunities for dancers at a
c r o s s r o a d s   in life.


Crossroads Production was built with the foundation of giving dancers a direction after high-school. By partnering the dance community with unique creators around Alberta, we can help our young adults step into their careers more confidently and with the right tools and education to succeed.

Our goal is to provide support to young adults who want to understand the true meaning of a career as a dancer. 

We educate and assist our dancers with the steps needed for any application or audition. 

  • Headshots

  • Professional Resumes 

  • University/College Applications

  • Providing References

  • Demo Reels 

  • Audition Tapes

Crossroads provides some of the top photographers, videographers and editors in Alberta to work on these projects, building a sense of community and allowing dancers to work with different creators and styles.

Crossroads Production also provides multiple different and unique performance opportunities.

  • Short Films 

  • Concept Videos

  • Live Events 

The goal is to allow aspiring dancers to work in a professional setting. These creative projects will allow you to understand the expectations of being on set and experience a professional job. 

All creative projects are open to any inspired dancer. Dancers will be chosen based on an in-person audition process. 

If you are interested in any up-coming creative projects, please visit the auditions page.